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Add / Edit / View Comments – handy new feature

At Glasnost we always aim to avoid ‘bloatware’. Adding endless functionality can seriously damage the user experience. We’ve aimed from inception to avoid the problems so many of us have experienced with products from …. sssh you know who !
But we do respond to our users, and several have said that whilst they appreciate [...]

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“How do I know thee? Let me count the ways.”

Sorry to misquote Elizabeth Barrett Browning but we’ve added a number of new ways for you to keep informed about your contacts.
It is now possible to add a URL as a named contact method. So if your contact has a Linkedin profile you can now create a contact method of ‘Linkedin’, specify it requires [...]

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Technorati verification


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Glasnost 21 integrates with 3rd party data feeds

Following the integration with Twitter, Glasnost21 has today launched the availability of two 3rd party datasets, directly linked into the Contact Management module.

High value subscription services covering the commercial property market, and Metropolis data can now be accessed on the same screen as company data. So, for example, if you are on the [...]

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