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Email contacts direct from Glasnost

Historically you’ve been able to add comments about any contact in your Glasnost. What you’ve not been able to do though is email them directly from within Glasnost. So you would have to go to your email software and send a message from there. If it was something you wished to make note of [...]

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Bulk move contacts tasks end date

People use Glasnost in many ways but for a lot of users the No1 thing they do is add tasks in Contacts to prompt interactions with their clients or prospects. So a typical day involves:
1. Open Contacts
2. Search tasks to bring back those with an end date of ‘Today’
3. Work through these tasks
4. At [...]

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iPhone App Version 3.0

We’re delighted to say Version 3 of the Glasnost iPhone App is now available for free download.

Key new features:
1. Redesigned to suit iOS 7
2. Images all reworked for ‘Retina’ display
3. Resized to suit iPhone 5 – and looks great at x2 on iPad
4. Ability to add new contacts via app
5. Ability to download images [...]

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Sharing Documents outside of Glasnost

Sometimes you want to quickly share a document with someone who is not a user of your Glasnost system. Or perhaps a group of people.
But you do not want to download the document and then send it on via email.
And sometimes you want to password protect the document.
Or make it available only for a [...]

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Don’t read the manual!

There are a few hidden features in the Glasnost interface that make it easier to view information, especially if you have limited screen space.
We use them day in day out but you may not know they exist.
So, instead of boring you with dull text explaining do this, do that…. here is a very [...]

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Glasnost 21 and Virtual Assistants – The perfect match ?

If you are a Virtual Assistant then Glasnost has a lot to offer you and could really turbo charge your productivity.
For a start the whole service is available online, so wherever you or your colleagues, clients or suppliers are, everyone can access the same information.
Also the service was specifically designed for working with people [...]

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Technorati verification


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What is different about Glasnost ?

The other day we were asked to say, in just a few hundred characters, what was different about Glasnost.
We decided, in essence, that Glasnost is different in four ways:
First, it is specifically designed for collaboration outside the firewall, with clients and suppliers as well as colleagues.
Secondly, as an Adobe Flex application it provides [...]

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Glasnost goes to the Antartic !

The Kaspersky Commonwealth Antarctic Expedition will see 8 women from the Commonwealth countries of Cyprus, Ghana, India, Singapore, Brunei, New Zealand, Jamaica and the United Kingdom brave blizzards, crevasses and temperatures below -30C as they ski over 900 kilometres across Antarctica to the Geographic South Pole.
As well as building them a website – [...]

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Glasnost in action.

As a software company we often work on projects with many different parties. Below is a real world example of a recent project which demonstrates how Glasnost can be used to bring everyone together and generate deep, productive collaboration.
A client was looking to do a major revamp of their corporate marketing site, involving a [...]

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